A True Story Teller.

Chris' keynote presentations are high energy and extremely engaging. 

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Why Choose Chris

Chris Helder takes all the risk out of booking a speaker. He is a proven world-class speaker, who has presented more than 2450 times across the globe. His high energy, humour and value-adding performance will enhance any event that he is booked for.

He is an expert in the areas of communication, influence and mindset, and relates to all generations.

If you're looking for a speaker under any of these headings then Chris is the one!

  • Communication
  • Change
  • Empowerment
  • Influencing
  • Sales
  • Motivation
  • Mindfulness
  • Mindset shift
  • Wellbeing
  • Vision
  • Purpose

Chris will craft his material to meet the needs of your audience and the outcomes that you are looking for from your event.

Watch Chris In Action


Chris speaks at conferences in the areas of communication, influence, human potential, leadership and mastering the face-to-face customer experience.


This presentation is a game changer in the field of motivation and performance. For years, people have been told to try and be "positive". The reality is that when most people try this they are unable to sustain it and end up feeling worse than when they started out.

This is a presentation about having belief systems that support you. It's not about being "positive", but rather asking questions of yourself such as, "What is the most useful thing to believe about this situation?" and "What is the most useful thing that I could do today to get me closer to where I want to be?" Positive thinking is about a feeling, while Useful Belief is all about "action".


This is a presentation, which addresses that we are all inundated every day with so much NOISE!

With everything from media, social media, endless emails and countless meetings, it can feel like fifty thousand things hitting us from every direction. In business today, it becomes even more important than ever to identify what gets results and what is simply a waste of time.

This compelling keynote will have an immediate impact on your ability to FOCUS and PRIORITISE for greater success.


This powerful presentation makes an IMMEDIATE impact in the areas of communication, sales, leadership and building customer relationships.

Chris has a fresh approach that concentrates on understanding those you are trying to influence, in order to create a stronger connection and ultimately results.

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