How Useful Belief changes how you look at work and the customer experience

This high energy keynote is loaded with high energy, laughter, is highly entertaining and, most importantly, is loaded with takeaways for the team to take back into the office and put into place immediately. This presentation focuses on two areas, mindset and building customer relationships.

In terms of mindset, the focus will be on Useful Belief. This part of the presentation will challenge the team to re-frame the challenging parts of their working lives and help them develop a Useful Belief about those areas. This shift in mindset and re-frame gives the audience the power to take control of their mindset and open their brain to the opportunities that present themselves.

The second part of the presentation is how to recognise and adapt to different personality styles and determine how the audience can be more effective in dealing with all people. Through this process, the team will enjoy learning about themselves and other colleagues, but also realise the importance of having a Useful Belief in relation to some of the personalities that they may be naturally challenged by.

Key takeaways include:

  • Realising the power of re-framing through the Useful Belief technique
  • Understanding how we can re-frame our perception of different personality styles
  • Improve the customer experience through mindset and curiosity
  • Increase resilience in the team