How to gain rapport quickly and the power of asking the right questions

What if you could magically increase your power to influence people? Imagine how it could increase the bottom line. Better yet, what if you could have a team that knew how to influence others and the right questions to ask?

This keynote presentation is about the art of understanding the customer. Through the power of the FORD technique (family, occupation, relax, dreams) this simple influence tool will help unlock what is really happening for the customer. By learning and understanding about what is most important to them, the customer experience will improve. In addition, this keynote unlocks how to quickly gain rapport through the power of matching body language, reading simple body language cues, and the body language 1%ers that make a difference in how we show up every day.

The key takeaways include:

  • Gain rapport quickly by learning the art of matching body language
  • Understand what drives your customer to increase results
  • Learn to read simple body language cues to help navigate every interaction
  • Know the body language 1%ers that change the customer experience